3 Factors That Can Harm Your Teeth As You Get Older

4 September 2014
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Most people would agree that health problems go hand-in-hand with the aging process. The human body is like a car. Once you have traveled a certain distance, it's common to see some scratches and wear. Even the teeth can acquire some dents and bumps.

Although dental problems are usual, it is important not to neglect them as you get older. There can be a temptation to put off visiting your dentist, particularly if you are busy. The following are just some of the factors that can harm your teeth as you get older.

1. General Health Problems

There are some illness, such as GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) and Sjogren's syndrome, that can harm the teeth, and considerable care is needed to manage them. In addition, gum disease can cause the seal around the teeth to become loose, leading to tooth loss if it isn't treated.

If you are suffering from a condition that endangers your teeth, discuss what protective measures you can take with your doctor. Make sure you visit your dentist at least twice yearly to prevent your teeth getting into difficulty.

2. Beware of Drugs and Particular Foods

Certain types of food and drugs can stain the teeth and, even if temporary, can look unsightly. For example, regular consumption of coffee, tea, or red wine can cause stains. Tobacco, whether you smoke or chew it, can also cause stains. You can prevent staining by avoiding tobacco and certain food types. Ask your doctor about alternative drugs that won't stain your teeth.   

3. Your Habits and Lifestyle

If your life is an active one that involves sports and outdoor pursuits, it is essential that your teeth are protected. It is recommended you use a helmet or mouth guard when appropriate. Try to avoid those activities that might cause a fall.

Also, avoid chewing on pens, ice, or other objects. Nervous habits like these can cause harm to your teeth, particularly to caps, crowns or bridges. Another habit that can damage your teeth is grinding them at night. The good news is that your dentist can help you deal with this through a form-fitting night guard.


All these things can be a threat to your dental health as you age but, on a positive note, it is possible to have wonderful, healthy teeth at all ages. Floss and brush your teeth twice daily. Consider a water flosser if you find the traditional type problematic.

Go to a dental clinic such as Dentistry in Streetsville twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. Remember, it is easier to prevent a problem if it is detected early. Although the more sophisticated dental treatments like hidden braces are a little more costly than the traditional types they are worth the investment. Your dentist may offer payment plans to help you avail of the best treatments, if cost is a concern.